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The Agile 365 Group, is comprised of like professionals that share one common goal and that is the successful initiation, launching and delivery of your Project and Product Delivery needs. Our group brings together an impressive combination of over 60 years of Project Management and Business Analysis expertise, that spans over 70 projects within the last 20 plus years. 

Christopher Parish, MBA
Head of Product Delivery
gital Transformation Consultant
Business Solutions Architect (Technical and Functional) 

Paul Mesko, PMP
Sr. Project Consultant 

Christopher Parish,  is an IT Project Professional with over 17 years of experience leading project teams as an Enterprise Implementations Senior Consultant, Product Manager , Project Manager, Business Analyst, Business Solutions Architect, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Leadership/ Digital Transformation team member at the Delivery Team, Project, Program and Portfolio Level.  His technology experience ranges from the following industry domains: eCommerce, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Accounting & Finance, Taxation,  Banking, Mortgages, Telecom, Medical, Pharmaceutical,  Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Wholesale and Retail, Digital Products, Product Management, Marketing, Foreign and Domestic Trade . 

Christopher is a planned and iterative portfolio & program level project/product specialist who is a  Certified Scrum Master and Data Scientist, Certified Product Owner, Certified Professional Scrum Master, Certified Scum Master Expert, Agile Master Certified, Certified Scrum / Agile Trainer,  Certified Scaled Agile Scrum Master, Certified Scaled Agile Product Owner / Product Manager, Certified Project Manager,  Certified Scaled Agile Program Consultant 4.6 . 

Taiwo Ajayi , Agile Coach
Sr. Product Manager 

Paul Mesko, is an IT Project Professional with over 25 years in Project Management, ranging from Insurance, IT, Telecom and Call Center Implemenations. Paul has worked as a project consultant at some of the U.S. largest companies and brings a ton of experience to the project 365 group. 

Malek Macaron, MBA, PMP  
Sr. Project Consultant 

Malek Macaron is an Engineering Project Professional with over 15 years of experience in the Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering domain to include multiple clients in different verticals such as ECommerce, Retail, Wholesale. Some of the key roles he has been  involved include, selling of solutions to clients from network study and site selection,  warehouse solution and design, continuous improvement , project management, implementations and startups. 


Malek is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified with extensive experience in process mapping, value stream mapping, Kaizen events, Project Management, and other Lean Sigma concepts, rules and applications. 

Taiwo Ajayi, is an IT Project Professional with over 8 years of Project and Product Consulting performing in the capacity as a Product Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.  Taiwo's technology experience domains are Transportation, Railway, Aerospace, Automobile Manufacturing, and Communications. 

Katie Kistler  
 Project Consultant 

Katie Kistler is a Agile 365 Group, IT Project Professional with over 6 years of experience in the Retail, Communications, Media  and Telecom domain working in multiple areas of the delivery level, to included ECommerce System Integrations, Retail Systems, B2B and B2C.  

Katie is a skilled Product Coordinator, IT Project Manager and Scrum Master, that brings tremendous value to the Agile 365 Group. 



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