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365 Success Tips from Past Successful Projects

1. One of the highest tips on The Project 365 Group's list is hiring the correct talent for the job. There are a lot of great implementation companies on the market. If you have chosen a certain application or complete technology stack that your company has decided to go with, and the company that owns the software recommend an implementation team that you should use, please understand that all impementation teams are not created equal. The majority of those organizations do exactly what 95% of technology consulting companies do and that is as soon as the SOW is signed, they start recruiting staff from the streets. When the job market is as strong as it is today, its hard to find good talent, therefore for onshore and offshore talent, many companies are paying top dollar for talent that does not have talent! The way to mitigate this is by ensuring that the in-house team has skilled team members that can provide an eagle eyes view of the implemenation's teams talent and their skill sets. Many companies hire individuals with extended qualificaitons like The Project 365 Group. This gives the company that is purchasing the services a sense of security and a higher probabilty of success by having confidence their stake in the project is thouroughly represented.

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